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White PETG Filament

White PETG Filament

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PETG 3D Filament offers a perfect blend of versatility and strength. This exceptional material provides outstanding durability, impact resistance, and higher temperature tolerance compared to PLA. With easy and reliable printing, low warping, and excellent layer adhesion, PETG filament ensures precise and consistent prints. Its transparency and vibrant colors add visual appeal to creations, while its chemical resistance makes it suitable for various applications. From functional prototypes and mechanical parts to artistic designs and household items, PETG filament empowers you to bring your ideas to life with confidence. Whether you're printing protective face shields, intricate models, or durable tool handles, PETG filament delivers exceptional results with strength and reliability.


  • Artistic and decorative objects
  • Enclosures and cases
  • Food containers
  • Vases and other containers
  • Customized accessories

Technical Specs

Nozzle Temperature 230°C – 250°C
Bed Temperature 70°C -90°C
Weight 1Kg/  2.2Lbs

+/- 0,05 mm




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